Penny Randell

Penny Randell, the author of Becoming African - The First Three Years. It is the unbelievable saga of mother and son's exploits in an urban-based African setting and beyond.



Woman from Uganda

Penny and one of the many babies of the IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) Camps in Northern Uganda. No matter which


Where Hope Thrives

  “I better know what I’m doing” was the alert that ran through my head as I sat with my back up against the cold, corrugated metal wall. I was inside a dark and musty shack in the middle of one the poorest ghettos in


Here and There

Here and There After a three-month stent in Uganda, returning to America represented nothing less than sweet normalcy and of course the peace of assured security. It was particularly fetching to welcome an environment of civilized behavior in which most citizens were cheerfully focused on


African Cats

African Cats Kafu is the third African cat I have adopted, but the first that is not going to share a ride to America. The fare is too high these days, so the poor fellow must stay behind. This little kitten was about a month



Invisible   Just imagine a culture where age created little attention, specifically when addressing matters of socialization. In America where youth is idolized and the middle-aged fellow is all but disregarded, such a thought would most certainly fall on deaf ears. But what if everyone


Where the Skies are Blue

After more than a decade of coercion, Moffat finally convinced me to travel the necessary eight hours to his village, located in Uganda’s Western District of Arua. This man has been my dear friend, guide, confidante and traveling companion from Kampala for an excess of


Wano (Lugandan for Round Here)

Wano (Lugandan for Round Here) by Penny Randell   Venturing out into a world unknown for a visceral, first time experience can mean the birth of realizations meant only for the strong at heart and devoted in spirit. I now speak of a ghetto that


Gathering Bracelets

Within Uganda the rhythm of life is penetrating and guaranteed to move you no matter how many left feet you may have. No country in the world is purported to be more in tune with man’s being than this one and its reputation espouses such


Back in Africa

Although the extra air miles computed to many more hours awake, I purposely chose Qatar Airlines as my second carrier en route to Uganda, my final destination. Thursday morning saw me off on United Airlines, non-stop to Newark and then on to Brussels, Belgium. After

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