Penny Randell

Penny Randell, the author of Becoming African - The First Three Years. It is the unbelievable saga of mother and son's exploits in an urban-based African setting and beyond.


Second home in Uganda

Woman from Uganda

Penny and one of the many babies of the IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) Camps in Northern Uganda. No matter which


First Home in Uganda

1st Home in Nakulabye.  Penny & Peyton’s first home, the guest house in Nakulabye, called “Old Town”.

First home in Uganda

Peyton, Penny’s son

Penny’s son Peyton, the ultimate navigator, travel companion and confidante…and part-time monarch of his own country.

Peyton interviewing Penny

Contact Info

Here is Penny's contact info:

Phone: 360-441-5351

Penny Randell’s new book coming soon!