Penny Randell

Penny Randell, the author of Becoming African - The First Three Years. It is the unbelievable saga of mother and son's exploits in an urban-based African setting and beyond.



Where Hope Thrives

  “I better know what I’m doing” was the alert that ran through my head as I sat with my back up against the cold, corrugated metal wall. I was inside a dark and musty shack in the middle of one the poorest ghettos in


Wano (Lugandan for Round Here)

Wano (Lugandan for Round Here) by Penny Randell   Venturing out into a world unknown for a visceral, first time experience can mean the birth of realizations meant only for the strong at heart and devoted in spirit. I now speak of a ghetto that

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Phone: 360-441-5351

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